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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions common for new drivers of Uber and Lyft so you don’t have to go around looking

How old do I need to be to drive for Uber or Lyft?

Both Uber and Lyft require their drivers to be a minimum of 21 years old. Uber drivers must have a clean driving record with at least three years driving experience. Lyft drivers must also have a clean driving record, but can be approved to drive with a minimum of one year of driving experience, three if you are under 23 years old. For both companies, drivers must have an auto insurance policy, as well as a newer model smart phone.

All new drivers must pass a background check before they are approved to drive for either company.

What other restrictions will there be for my car?

Uber is a bit more lax on the restrictions for your vehicle than Lyft. For Uber your car must:

  • Have in-state plates
  • Have current registration
  • Be a four-door sedan that seats four or more people

Lyft requires the same listed above as well as:

  • Sufficient tread on tires
  • Fully operational windows
  • Adjustable front seats
  • Fully operational climate control

Both Uber and Lyft offer luxury car ride sharing services, if you are wanting to participate in these services the restrictions will be different for both companies.

What are the age restrictions for my car?

Age restrictions for your vehicle vary depending on the state you will be driving in. However, the oldest model car that Uber currently accepts is a 2000, while Lyft requires that your car be at least a 2003 model.

As you have probably seen, Uber has different tiers for their riders to choose from when selecting a ride. Age restrictions for your car will also vary depending on the kind of ride sharing service you want to provide.

How do I get paid from each ride?

Both Uber and Lyft charge the driver 25% of each ride they are providing as a commission fee, however this does not include fees that the rider is given in their total. For a minimum ride (prices vary depending on the city you are driving in, but is typically around $5), drivers may receive 50% of what the rider was charged.

Both companies pay their drivers weekly via direct deposit, from an accumulation of the previous week’s fares and tips.

What if my car doesn't qualify?

If you want to drive for Uber or Lyft but your car does not qualify you still have options. If your city is currently offering it, you can sign up to drive for UberEats, which has much less stringent requirements for the cars allowed. Both companies also offer company approved cars available for lease to any person approved to drive.

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